What a beautiful time of year in Minnesota! The feeling of happiness seems to travel with the fresh air. If you’re like us, you are enjoying the initial wave of color as autumn makes its entrance. Honestly, it just makes you smile to be outside—to view a magnificent tree in all its glory or a single scarlet bush sparkling in the sun. Or maybe your favorite is the blue sky, amazing sunset or the water lapping gently on the shore.

Perhaps this year, we have double appreciation for nature and all its beauty after spending more time under covid restrictions. Whatever the reasons, we’re grateful to be living and working in such a gorgeous environment. As painters, we’ve spent a lot of time outdoors working on exterior updates that make people feel happy about their home and its curb appeal.

This time of year, we start hearing more about homeowners’ visions for the interior of their home. And often, it’s the color that gets people excited—just like it does outdoors. Color has an incredible effect on your mood and motivation. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to change your surroundings and upgrade your outlook.

With fall colors adding cheer to our daily routines, we find many people wanting to bring some of that nature-inspired goodness inside. Color choices are plentiful—rich with the warmth of the sun and as generous as the vibrant shades of the season. Whether you like the earthy, natural tones or the crisp, brighter hues, there’s a color for you. Specializing in Kitchen Cabinet Enameling and Kitchen Cabinet Painting.

Here’s a taste of some of this season’s favorites: Sea Salt, Amazing Gray and Divine White, also Latte, Reflection and Drift of Mist. There’s also Gingery, Fine Wine and Aurora Brown. Or, you might like Acacia Haze, Kingdom Gold or Eider White. And, there’s Butter Up, Enigma and Whitetail. Or how about Rockwood Amber, Dancing Green or Red Cent? Or, you could opt for Spiced Cider, Wickerwork or Mountain Stream.

Choices, and more choices. Combine them and enjoy them! It does make you wonder who creates the names for all these delightful colors.

While you’re taking steps a little slower to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us, you just might want to create some of that comforting relaxation for yourself and your family. Making changes in paint colors can make your rooms feel new, fresh and splendid enough for a staycation or a work-at-home oasis.

As the breezes get cooler, you might feel like curling up with a good book or a feel-good movie. With new, calming colors, you’ll be able to do just that. Smile and take a deep breath. Feel grateful. It’s the season to slow down a little, take some time for yourself and count your blessings.

Paint can work wonders for your disposition and your stress levels. It can also energize you. It all depends on the room—and you get to choose! Many people have an affinity for certain color palettes and have no trouble deciding. Others need another set of eyes, and we are happy to provide that guidance for our customers with a free color consultation.

With our years of experience, it’s sometimes easier for us to visualize colors that will work well with your décor and the purpose of the room. Give us a call at (651) 765-0600 if you need help and inspiration. We’re here for you. In either case, enjoy your fresh, new colors and all the abundance they provide for your life.

We’re wishing you a beautiful, color-pleasing start to each day. If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with a friend who might also need a nudge to paint their world with colorful goodness!

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