Consistently, we hear clients tell us that they are tired of their old wallpaper but don’t want to tackle the dreaded job of removing it. Fortunately, we’ve been removing wallpaper for nearly three decades and have mastered the techniques to do it quickly and safely. We’ve perfected the procedures for removing all sorts of wallpaper, including vinyl, foil, fabric and weaved grass. We know which tools and equipment to use and how to use them efficiently and effectively. Wallpaper removal can cause damage to the drywall but with the right process, experience and equipment and professional craftsmanship, we can minimize the damage and repair it confidently.

We are pros when it comes to removing wallpaper, and when it’s gone, we can help you choose the perfect paint color for your room. The fresh paint will complement your style, furnishings and accessories. You’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy your space with no regrets about wallpaper!

We happily remove wallpaper in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, including Stillwater, MN:

Stillwater wallpaper removal
Stillwater interior painting
Stillwater Lake drywall repair
Stillwater ceilings popcorn removal

Call Alpha Omega Decorating for a free consultation and estimate: 651-765-0600. We’ll be delighted to remove the wallpaper that’s been giving you the evil eye. Say goodbye.