If you’re like us, you want to make the best use of your time—and make the most of any situation. Positivity just feels good, and it’s even better when it accomplishes something you’ve been wanting. While the recent covid situation has left us all with questions and concerns, we love the fact that many projects can be completed safely and professionally. If they’ve been on your wish list, you might want to consider some covid-cautious project ideas.

As we focus on keeping our customers and our crews safe, here are some painting and refurbishing projects that are working well in this environment:

  • Painting the Exterior of Your Home or Business
    Our Minnesota seasons can be unpredictable, but we love the summertime opportunity to make exterior repairs and adorn it with fresh paint. This goes well with the covid cautions and, since the work takes place outdoors, we can all rest easy that it will be a job well done with little exposure to one another. We take pride in finding and fixing minor repairs on the siding, soffits, fascia or trim, so the paint goes on smoothly and provides years of attractive curb appeal. This is a safe project that will add life to your home or business, and it’s great timing since our outdoor painting schedule is relatively short.
  • Painting and Preparing a Home Office or Workout Space
    The covid crisis has many people working from home and, lovely as that is, the workspace is often not so well defined or well designed. If you’d like to turn the den into a workout space or the unused bedroom into an office, we can safely work in that specific area, minimizing our exposure and yours. It makes a world of difference to have a clean, fresh, inviting space for all activities—especially now.
  • Painting Your New Home Before You Move In
    If time allows before your move-in date, this is the perfect opportunity to manage the painting since the house is empty. Painting can take place while no one is living there, and coronavirus precautions are limited to the work crews. Conversations and color consultations can take place before the work begins, and while wearing masks and maintaining a proper distance, you and your consultant can look at your furnishings to decide on the perfect color combinations for your new home. Estimates also provide information on the time needed to get the job done beautifully.
  • Painting Your Office While It’s Largely Unoccupied
    Many business customers are using this time to freshen up their workspace while many employees are working from home. You’ll love knowing that the drywall and ceiling repairs are being made in preparation for the painting—all without interrupting the typical workday. Completion times are much quicker since the work isn’t disturbing your employees or cleaning staff. Although that works too, this is a nice time to quickly and professionally paint your offices and conference rooms so that when your employees return, they will have a clean, fresh workplace.
  • Painting and Removing Popcorn Ceiling Texture
    When you’re avoiding the coronavirus and relaxing at the cabin, you can feel a sense of accomplishment by making those color updates or ceiling refreshes that you’ve been envisioning. If it’s been on your to-do list, this is the perfect time. An experienced painter knows how to work around your belongings and keep them safe, and while you’re away, you are safe from covid exposure as well.

We enjoy our customers and our work, and we take our safety—and yours—very seriously. If these ideas have sparked a creative, let’s-get-it-done project in your mind, give us a call. We’d love to hear which uplifting projects might be in your future. All finished projects are a work of art!


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At Alpha Omega Decorating, the safety of our customers and crew is a continued priority. We are serving our clients and giving estimates while taking the necessary, extra precautions for today’s health crisis. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know. CDC.gov and Coronavirus.gov helps us—and you—stay informed about the current coronavirus situation.

Be well. Be safe.

Consistently, we hear clients tell us that they are tired of their old wallpaper but don’t want to tackle the dreaded job of removing it. Fortunately, we’ve been removing wallpaper for nearly three decades and have mastered the techniques to do it quickly and safely. We’ve perfected the procedures for removing all sorts of wallpaper, including vinyl, foil, fabric and weaved grass. We know which tools and equipment to use and how to use them efficiently and effectively. Wallpaper removal can cause damage to the drywall but with the right process, experience and equipment and professional craftsmanship, we can minimize the damage and repair it confidently.

We are pros when it comes to removing wallpaper, and when it’s gone, we can help you choose the perfect paint color for your room. The fresh paint will complement your style, furnishings and accessories. You’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy your space with no regrets about wallpaper!

We happily remove wallpaper in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, including Woodbury, MN:

Woodbury wallpaper removal
Woodbury interior painting
Woodbury drywall repair
Woodbury ceilings popcorn removal

Call Alpha Omega Decorating for a free consultation and estimate: 651-765-0600. We’ll be delighted to remove the wallpaper that’s been giving you the evil eye. Say goodbye.