Be honest. Are you happy with the appearance and condition of your ceilings? Do you like your acoustic popcorn ceiling texture? Do you see stains or repair patches? It might be time for a change.

How about a fresh start? We are specialists in repairing ceilings and removing popcorn texture finishes. We know it can be a daunting (and messy) job for the busy homeowner, and we actually enjoy the process! Updating a ceiling can make as uplifting a change in a room’s appearance as a new coat of paint on the walls.

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knocked down ceiling texture professionals mplsKnockdown texture is created by applying the texture mud (we use a commercial material that is slightly different from joint compound, in that it has less shrinkage upon drying) We prefer to use a texture machine – a compressor and a texture spray hopper which sprays the knockdown texture compound instead of paint. In this manner we apply what is referred to as a splatter coat. This method allows the knock down texture to be applied to walls as well as ceilings.

We use a tool to skim the surface. When knocking this down, the compound is allowed to dry for a short period, then skimmed with a knockdown knife – a large, usually plastic tool (to reduce noticeable edges) knife. Understand that Knockdown texture reduces construction costs because it conceals imperfections in the drywall that normally require higher more expensive stages of sand and prime for drywall installers.

Skim coat mpls smooth ceiling drywall professionalSkim coating is a great way to make bad dirty, or ugly walls and bad ceilings look new again! A skim coat, also known as a level-five drywall finish, skimcoat is a thin coat of diluted joint compound.

Depending on the job we apply by hand, paint roller or skim coat spray rig. Then it’s smoothed out by using a special drywall knife or trowel.

Done properly it will create a flat and uniform surface on walls and ceilings so they can be painted or re-textured. Generally we apply at least two skimcoats to achieve a perfect smooth and beautiful surface.